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Cyron Ray
When you see this on your flist, quote Firefly...

Kaylee : Wash, tell me I'm pretty
Wash : Were I unwed, I'd take you in a manly way
Kaylee : 'cause I'm pretty?
Wash : 'cause you're pretty
For some reason, google has hit my blog hard in the last couple of days. My blog is hosted on a 2gig of traffic per month plan, and each month, I normally use just over 1 gig of that. If you look at my blog today though, you will notice I've exceeded my bandwidth limit.

That is because google single handedly used up 1.4 gig of bandwidth in the last 48 hours. The googlebot went mad, and instead of the average 4000 hits I get from it each month, I've got 40,000 hit so far, and I'm only half way through the month. So my blog is down for the count until the quota resets, or I fork over some more money to get a better plan. I have real issues forking over hard cash because of google's fuckup though...


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cyron_blog is now syndicating my blog (Thanks to Elle). If you've got me on your friends list and are interested in keeping up with my posts still, throw that on to your friends list.
Well, my offsite blog/journal is up and running.

Point your browser to http://cyron.id.au if you want to have a look. Otherwise, Elle, if you could please turn this link http://blog.cyron.id.au/wp-rss2.php in to a syndicated livejournal feed (I'm no longer a paid user, so I can't), people will be able to add the feed to their friends lists.

Well, this will be my last post on Livejournal. I'm going to get a blog set up on my own domain, and the ball is already rolling on this. As soon as it's finalised, I'll get an RSS feed setup, so people can still use Livejournal to track my posts if they so desire. I'll also be keeping this account open for ability to post replies to peoples entries etc.

But I've found it's essential to separate reading other peoples entries and lives from updating my own entries. Lack of time to do one means I end up doing neither, when it doesn't have to work like that.

In more mundane news, I had my wisdom tooth out today. Damn thing had been hurting on and off for weeks, so I'm glad to see the back of it. If only I had of eaten before going though. I'm hungry now, but shouldn't eat. Woe is me :)
I've worked it out... Keeping up with my LJ has been too much work. I've stopped watching it, I've stopped reading it, and my paid account status is about to expire. I've had several interesting things happen in my life, and it's been too much hassle to get on to Whirlpool and read about them.

So these days, I'm using an RSS reader, a much pruned friends list and common sense to keep it manageable. Lets see if it will let me overcome the LJ lethargy and get back in to things...
Well, I'm back from the opening weekend of Ascension.  I went up on Thursday night, and had to do some last minute fiddling and tweaking to get things up and running for Saturday.  Didn't get much sleep thursday night or Friday night, but it was all good in the end. 

Come Saturday, the store was nice and busy.  Not quite full, but nice and close.  We were fairly problem free Saturday as well, so things were off to a good start.  Saturday night though, was the first lockin night.  From 9pm to 9am.  It was packed.  There was not a spare computer to be had.  Of course, Adam and Luke ended up falling asleep during the night, leaving me looking after things most of the time, and trying to get the last minute bugs ironed out.

We don't yet have internet in the store, so all the half life based games are running on the same CD key as they were all created from the same image.  Getting Smartlaunch to distribute keys to everyone was a pain in the butt.  And Desert Combat didn't want to work for everyone either, so very little game playing was done by me.  But it was worth it to see it all up and running.

Sunday trade was very slow sadly.  Due to the lockin the night before, and movie marathons that night at the cinema, most people were not awake enough during the day to come back to the store.  Monday started off the same before lunch, with people recovering from the night before and not heading in before lunch.  But come mid afternoon, the place was once more rocking.  I had gone home by this stage, but apparently the new Natural Selection 3 beta was "tested" extensively to everyone's great enjoyment.

I can tell you it's certainly awesome to see the store going off, and opening with such a bang. 

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I am now posting to Livejournal using a plugin for Firebird.  It's nested nicely in the sidebar of Firebird, and I will simply say that it is most cool :)

Of course, as I try and post this, LJ goes down with internal server errors.  But what can you do?

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Well, the amazing has happened. Luke and Adam have finally got their finance through and will be purchasing all the equipment they need to set up an internet gaming lounge in Toowoomba. This city is in sore need of a gaming lounge. It has a huge LAN community, with people coming from Brisbane and all around to join in each month. And it has nothing at all outside of taht to support gaming comps or a gaming community.

A small coffee shop that does internet but no gaming, and a small gaming lounge down a back alley with 8 computers. You can't even get a couple of teams together and face of.

So Adam plans on changing all of that. He's a member of said community, and has built quite a bit of excitment and expectation up over the opening of the store. It will be good to see it all come together finally.

So this weekend, I get to head up there, and help them get it all set up. It will involve hours playing around with configuring games, software and all sorts of shit. A real pain in the arse of a job that I'm going to absolutely love.

At this stage I don't know what their opening date is going to be, but it's going to be soon so they can catch the tail end of the school holidays. Some busy times ahead for Adam and Luke I think :)

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I was reading through Penny Arcade the other day, going through some of the entries from the last couple of weeks, when I found a post that grabbed my attention right away. You see they mentioned the keywords "Master of Orion". Master of Orion 2 is of course my favourite game of all time, and after the bitter disappointment of MOO3, I was keen on something to replace it. So they mention the game telling me it's like Master of Orion, and I thus go and have a look.

The game itself is called Star Chamber and is basically a cross between Magic (the CCG) and a generic galactic space conquest/expansion game. Ok, a cross between Magic, a space game, and crack cocaine :) Once I started this game, I couldn't damned well stop. The game itself is free, it relies on people buying cards to earn an income for the developers; it's a great system. You can spent as much or as little as you like, when you like. There is no fixed monthly cost, which turns me off, and there was no huge upfront cost to try out the game from some small time developer I'd never heard of.

The gameplay itself basically involves building citizens and ships, and trying to conquer the galaxy, or rule the galactic council through voting power. The cards themselves alter the basics of this. The straight game itself works without any cards at all, but would be very boring. Throw in the cards, which can twist the rules, change things without warning, and keep both players on their toes, and it's a great way to spend the 20 minutes or so each game takes

At this stage, I still suck badly at the game (well either that, or I keep running in to people that are overly skilled), but I'm having a ball. There's a full review found here. Go try it out if you get a chance.

Edit - I've created a community for the game at starchamber, so if you do get hooked, you know where to go :)

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New Years was good this (last) year. Went out for dinner with Amanda and Michael and stuffed ourselves with good food, and good dessert. Then off to the Goodwill bridge, where we watched some of the fireworks at 9. Back to their place just near Southbank for a few hours, where we sat around talking, and generally catching up. Finally, back to Soutbank to watch the fireworks finale. Lots of people, quite a good mood amongst everyone as the year ticked over towards it's end.

Then it was time to go home. This even worked well. We were standing all the way home on the bus, but we were standing on the first bus, so it was bearable. Get home, talk with Helena for a while in bed, and then out of the blue, I start hacking up blood.

This was needless to say, a little bit of a shock to me. No sore throat, no cough, nothing that screamed out a potential problem, or even explanation. The only thing of note had been that for the last few days, when I lay down, I felt phlegmy in my throat. No coughing though, just a sort of general feeling of blockage. Anyway, last night, I lay down and the same thing happened. Only this time, it was accompanied by a sharp tearing pain. Like someone had scratched me with a knife hard enough to just draw blood. After this, I got real phlegmy real quick. When I tried to clear my throat, I saw the blood.

So it was off to the emergency room. Waited around for 2 hours, the doctor came and checked me. He's asking me a few questions, and has trouble believing I haven't had a sore throat or a cough. He looks down my throat and eventually tells me it's laryngitis. It seemed like a strange diagnosis to me, because though it can cause bleeding in the throat if you hack and cough enough, my bleeding came without the hacking and coughing. Indeed, I didn't start hacking and coughing until after the blood. Once the blood appeared, then I started to fall in to the symptoms. My voice has gone funny, it hurts to swallow if my throat is dry etc. But these symptoms didn't exist before my throat started bleeding... So I'm left wondering what the story is. Should it not clear up in a couple of days, I'll head to a GP and see what they have to say...

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It didn't initially occur to me to write an entry on my brother in this series, but reading through some of my older journal entries, I realised I haven't said much about him, and he was and still is an important part of my life. So this post is dedicated to my brother, Nelson

Nelson is my younger brother. Born in 1978 he was 2/1/2 years my junior. As far as brothers go, in a lot of ways, he was your typical brother. Annoying, aggravating, and able to rile me up to anger very easily. But then, he was something more than that.

Nelson was a disturbingly intelligent individual. His interests in life didn't extend to the scholastic however, but more focused on the artistic side, and to a sort of overall concern about people and the planet. He had a biting sense of humour though, and was exceedingly quick on his mental feet. Many times as kids we would lie on our beds and talk in to the night about various things. The Universe, life, life on other planets, the afterlife, what makes up human perception, an exploration of what exactly "the truth" consists of etc. We bounced off of each other and developed in each other a sense of curiosity and awe for the world, and life in general.

But in Nelson, this awe for the world and life turned dark. He withdrew from the world as much as he could as he got older. And as he withdrew, he also fell in to a funk which never left him. He became worried about what the world was coming to, worried about people in general. Always a very sensitive person, he would take things personally, that were never intended that way, be it a comment made by someone, or something that he saw as a failing in himself.

The depression he suffered from seemed to me to be a very unnatural thing. Unnatural in so far as his down seemed out of all proportion to the cause of his concern. I believed for a long time, as did he, that he was suffering from some form of mental illness. But to him, it wasn't an illness, it was him. He wasn't interested in seeing someone about this problem, having some medicine change his mind and his approach to life, and effectively, as he saw it, turn himself in to someone else. A quote from a story he wrote before he died sums it up well "How can what I feel be an illness?". This outlook is something he and had in common. We both had iron hard definitions of self. We knew who we were and how we worked, and neither of us was willing to let someone else change or mould that, even if it was technically good for us. It's a strength and a weakness if you will.

Whatever the cause, Nelson knew in his heart that he was never going to be happy. So one day, he simply ended it all, and hung himself.

My mum was devastated for years, and in many ways still hasn't recovered from his loss. She wonders what she did wrong, she wonders if she could have helped him more, or made better decisions. But it was never like that. Nelson made the choice he did because that was the choice he wanted to make. He was in a hospital after having a manic episode in the city, and the whole time he was there, he was planning on finishing his life. But he faked being happy, he faked it all. He was sociable, friendly, and said all the right things until they let him out. Then, he carried through with his choice and ended his life.

What mum is only just coming to understand, is something that I've understood in him all along, something that I see in myself each day. That is, he was proud of who he was, and would not change for the world, even though he knew he could never be happy being who he was. So he choose death, rather than misery. Personally, I can't say I say I disagree with his choice. The sadness I felt when he died was a sadness for myself. I knew I'd not have the chance to talk to him again, to fight with him again or any of that. I'd miss him. But I knew his sadness had gone, so I wasn't sad for him.

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My writing career *cough* has been a rather small affair, consisting of a few sections in one single Shadowrun book. Yet that being said, I am proud of my efforts. Writing for Shadowrun was a dream of mine that I can now say I fulfilled, even if I never go any further with it.

So is it wrong of me to just want to pop in to posts like this and say "Of course they rock, I helped write them!". I can't do that if I'm not going to add anything useful to the thread, yet my pride won't let me ignore the post as if nothing happened, so instead, I'm feeding my ego with this post in my own journal :)

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Well, Christmas is here once more, so Merry Christmas everyone.

I have to say it's the least Christmasy feeling Christmas I can remember, but I won't let that get in my way if you don't :)
First in the series, I'll be dedicating this entry to Shane tem_akh

I first met Shane online in the old #shadowrun channel. We talked to each other from time to time, and had met each other in person once or twice, but we didn't know each other particularly well. That changed when I got divorced. After the divorce I was living with my mum for a few months, but we both knew it was only temporary.

So on a whim, I asked Shane if he knew anyone that had a spare room. It turns out that Shane himself was soon going to have a spare room, as his existing flatmates were moving out. I actually talked to one of his flatmates online and they warned me "Don't move in with Shane. In the time I've lived here, he hasn't washed up once". I think that had the opposite effect to it's intent, because I just knew we'd get on famously.

Suffice to say, I moved in, and was there for 3 years before I moved out with Helena. They were three very good years. Shane is by far the best flatmate I've ever had, easy going, and willing to help out when I was unemployed and couldn't afford to pay a bill right away. He'd just pay it out of his own pocket. It was my pleasure to be able to return that favour to him when I was working and he was between jobs. This behaviour was something I'd never encountered before in anyone besides myself. To Shane, just like to me, money was a tool to enjoy life, and he didn't stress over it, nor let it come between him and his friends.

In many ways, Shane is a lot like me, yet little like me. He shares many of the same outlooks on life, he has the same forgiving nature, the indolent attitude to life, and isn't inclined to worry about the little things. Yet he is subject to dark moods that I don't experience, and is inclined to actively shut himself off from the world from time to time, something I am loathe to do.

The sad thing about both of us is that we're both a little too slack, and that can mean we don't catch up as often as we should now that I've moved out, which is a pity because Shane is someone I feel more comfortable with than nearly anyone else I know, and someone I understand more than most people I know. Considering I largely define friendship based on my ability to be open and honest with someone, Shane ranks as one of my best friends in the world, even if our mutual slackness has meant we catch up less than we should...
I was reading mpurse's livejournal account, and he's got a very good idea going at the moment. He's profiling the people that are important or active in his life, donating a journal entry to each person. I like the idea so much I'm going to blatantly steal it :)

I'm not going to do this in any particular order, but I will try and make sure I cover everyone that needs to be covered.
Well I just cashed in all of my invite codes and it paid neatly for another two months of paid account at LJ. Guess they had to be good for something :)
I'm reading a book at the moment by the name of "Is Anyone Out There?"
It's really the autobiography/story of Frank Drake, one of the founders of
SETI. I've read it before, but in a moment of boredom, with a lack of other
books to be found, I picked this one up again and started on it.

What's really interesting about the whole thing though, is that as I read it,
all the memories of my love for this sort of thing have come back to me. I
remember when I was a kid, I did work experience and the Australia Telescope in Narrabri.
It's a huge radio telescope array on tracks, capable of moving the huge dishes
wherever they need them on a 6km long length of track.

Working there was quite simply amazing. I already had a love for the mysteries
of the universe. Were we alone? How does the universe work? I remember lying
in my backyard, looking up at the stars of an evening just wondering about it
all. I still get the same feeling on clear nights when I can see a sky full of
stars (a rare enough event living in a city). What all this did for me was to
inspire within me a desire for science, and an urge to do something that would
allow me to explore the world as it were. I don't know that I had a specific
desire to be a radio astronomer or the like, but I knew I wanted to do
something where there was still mystery to be had

It's all sort of a pity really, because I missed out on actually doing these
things I was planning on. My work experience never eventuated in to anything,
my love of the mysteries of life got divirted to computers for a long time, and
that became the focus of my life path. I often wonder what it would have been
like if I had of gone in the direction I was originally dreaming of. I look at
the story of Frank Drake's life, and think that it's exactly the sort of thing I
could have loved doing. Of course, a lot of the initial discoveries and
pioneering work in the field has already been done, but damn, to have been born
in the right time and have had the drive to succeed... It would have been
amazing to get that chance...

Ok,  a bit of history.  In March, 2002, there was a man.  A man who we shall call Mr Gander.  Mr Gander decided, for some reason, to try and fake the creation of a wireless broadband company capable of providing unlimited internet access for $70 a month.  He placed a small advertisement in the Courier Mail here in Brisbane and even hired a call center to field the calls.  But something happened that Mr Gander didn't expect.  Someone on Whirlpool found the ad, and created a thread about it.  This thread had a HUGE level of interest, and was the first thread on Whirlpool to actually break the view counter, that many people looked at it.  The call center was flooded with calls, Mr Gander was no where to be found, and there were a lot of confused people. 

He claimed to be affiliated with Hughes, the American company, yet when people called Hughes, they were told they had never heard of Mr Gander, or his unlimited Wireless Internet. The exact details of what was happening never were discovered.  Mr Gander didn't take anyone's credit card details but otherwise the entire episode showed evidence of being nothing more than a scam.  A scam to what end however, is not know.  Mayhaps he was planning on taking credit card details at a later date?  Maybe he was trying to build a database of people. Who knows?  Suffice to say the wireless Internet never did eventuate, and to this day it still has not...

Mr Gander however, has been busy in the mean time.  Today, I was reading through the paper in the coffee shop, and who's name did I see?  None other than Mr Gander's.  It appears he was trying to sell the Boeing building here in Brisbane for 24 million dollars.  Needless to say, he didn't actually own the building :)

It seems you really can't keep a good man down :)

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My first week trying to go to the gym was a disaster.  Between forgetting to bring in a change of clothes, Helena not being able to bring them in for me, friends coming over and me piking, I outright simply didn't go.  But I was determined to fix that.  So last night, I got everything I needed, made sure I remembered it and headed off after work.

I was tired and grouchy at the end of my shift when I went, but determined to damned well do it right, so I forced myself to go.  I did cardio workouts, mainly on the treadmill and bike, leaving the weights until tomorrow night, when I have the chance to spend more than an hour working out, which will give me a chance to do both cardio and weights.

What surprised me though, is that I came out of it feeling good.  I don't think it was quite hard enough for me, but whatever the case, I came out feeling less tired and grouchy, and like I could go another hour.  I was covered in sweat, and my body knew it had been worked out, but it actually felt good.  This is news to me.  Normally, whenever I say throw on a pair of rollerblades, or do some running, I tend to do it hard and fast, and then exhaust myself in no time.  I push myself to my limits quickly, and then collapse.  But when I pushed myself more slowly, I kept on going for nearly an hour, which I literally would not have thought possible for me.  Maybe there is some hope for me getting fit sometime in the next 12 months :)

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